Yamaku High School - Setting of Katawa Shoujo

Yamaku High SchoolEdit

Yamaku High School is a fictional school for disabled children, located somewhere in modern Japan. It is the main setting of Katawa Shoujo, where Hisao, the protagonist, is sent by his parents due to his heart problem. While it primarily caters for students with various disabilities, it is stated that anyone can join. The school does not however, accept mentally disabled students.


Yamaku High contains several features:

  • Main Building
  • Medical Building
  • Library
  • Gym
  • Male Dorms
  • Female Dorms
  • Running Track
  • Pool (Talked about, but never explicitly shown)
  • Cafeteria
  • Yamaku foundation offices

Students are pushed to join clubs at Yamaku. These clubs include:

  • Art
  • Track
  • Book (According to Misha, the most popular)
  • Music (Mentioned by Lilly)
  • Literature (Mentioned by Lilly, and Misha on random occasions)
  • Newspaper (Hanako joins this club during Lilly's route)
  • Photography
  • Baseball (Mentioned by Lilly)
  • Science (Hisao and Mutou start this club in Emi's route)


  • Hisao, upon first seeing it, comments on the gate being too 'pompous' for what it is.
  • Despite having a 'grand' exterior, classrooms and other areas appear quite plain and simple, with basic wooden desks, old windows and classic blackboards (but as Hisao would say: 'Simple and efficient.').
  • It is suggested that Yamaku has a large amount of funding, which would explain its size and its many features.
  • "Yamaku" is not a real Japanese word.
  • Some of the photos of the academy are actual photos of Brown University.
  • Yamaku's exact location is never explicitly revealed. However, a few hints exist as to its possible location: