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The Track Team Captain is an unidentified male student who leads the track team. No name, image nor physical description is provided but we learn through Emi's route that he is friendly and supportive and cares and worries about his fellow team members. We see this when he calls Emi when she is ill and inquires into her well being. Yuuko comments on how he and Emi tend to go to the Shanghai together. He is a good friend of Emi and at first, is seen as a love rival by Hisao before Emi clarifies that he is a homosexual, though she admits that she used to have a crush on him before knowing this. According to Emi, he enjoys anal sex and talks about it often, even recommending it to Emi and noting the sports equipment shed as an ideal location for it. From this we also learn that he has a queer sense of humor and that he uses Lemon-flavored lubricant for his adventures in sodomy.

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