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Shizune's Route


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Number of scenes: 34
Number of choices: 1

Act 1 ~ Life ExpectancyEdit

Hisao meets Shizune on his first day at Yamaku and she and Misha answer several of Hisao's questions about the school over lunch. Hisao immediately notices Shizune's competitive streak in her desire to finish their schoolwork first, before they show him to the nurse's office. Upon learning that Hisao has no interest in joining any particular groups the following day, Shizune and Misha make the first of several attempts to get Hisao to join the student council, once in the cafeteria, and another attempt in the student council office over a game of Risk.

The following day, Shizune and Misha drag Hisao off to the Shanghai for an extended lunch, with Hisao having to endure more of the pairs relentless teasing and recruitment attempts. Later in the week Hisao witnesses an argument between Shizune and Lilly over turning in papers for the festival. Due a poor choice of words on Hisao's part Shizune and Misha successfully coerce him into helping them build several of the festival stalls. After a time, Hisao, finally, reluctantly, gives in and joins the student council, much to the girls' delight. On the day before the festival the pair wake Hisao and discover his medicines. However Hisao manages to avoid telling them about his Arrhythmia. Misha explains that the two will be patient and wait until "Hicchan" trusts them enough to tell them about it. On the day of the festival Hisao spends the day with the two girls and wins a stuffed cat doll for Shizune. However Hisao's day is spoiled by a reminder of his weak heart, and his fragile mortality.

Later, on the school rooftop, the trio eat dinner and watch the stars (although Misha falls asleep). Despite being mute, Shizune shows Hisao the stars and the view of the town and the festival in an attempt to raise his low spirits. As they watch the fireworks together Hisao thinks that he might be growing attracted to Shizune.

Act 2 ~ Learning to ReadEdit

Act 2: Learning to Read

Hisao wakes up the day after the festival, lingering on the night he had with Shizune and Misha. He realizes that he can't be thinking about how the festival went when he has exams to focus on, as they happen immediately after the festival, which he finds unfair. Deciding to study before class, Hisao goes outside to do so in the nice weather, still thinking about how things went at the festival being accompanied by Misha and Shizune. His thoughts are interrupted by Shizune approaching him from behind. Hisao attempts to greet her forgetting that she can't hear him, and greets her after realizing with a wave. He tries asking where Misha is, thinking that it's less awkward actually trying to hold a conversation with her by talking, even if she can't hear him.

In an attempt to communicate, Shizune slowly makes gestures in response. He sits there not knowing how to communicate back when Shizune realizes his struggle, taking the initiative to pull out a pen and a pad of paper. They then further have a conversation on the pad of paper. They begin small talk, until Hisao asks about the stalls that they went to. Shizune tells him that they went to the stalls that he had built so he could feel a sense of accomplishment and feel proud about the work he had done. He thinks that it was a trick, but she explains that they had done so because he had looked depressed. She leaves not soon after wishing him luck on his exams. Hisao thinks about the oddness of having a conversation on paper between two people that are in each other's presence and ponders learning sign language. After that he sees Kenji in the dorm and they converse a little and Kenji asks Hisao to get his package from the post office. When he got the package he decided to go to The Shanghai and see's Shizune,he was wondering what Shizune would like and there was no way of communication,Shizune turns into that cat face and tries to open the package,Hisao scolds her and Shizune wrote on the table saying "lets play a game" the rules were they would hold the package and the one that makes the package fall brings the package all the way to the dorm,Hisao accepts. On the way,Hisao touches the fingers of Shizune and made Her drop it,so she brings it to the dorm and you awake in your room.

Act 3 ~ Sleight of HandEdit

Act 3: Sleight of Hand

Hisao wakes up and begins to walk to the school. He runs into Shizune, using a notepad and talks to her about exams. She wishes him luck and walks off. Hisao then runs into Misha, and tells her that he wants to learn sign language. She asks why, and he replies that it would make conversing with Shizune much easier. Misha remarks that she wants to be his sign language tutor, and walks off.

Act 4 ~ To My Other SelfEdit

Act 4: To My Other Self

The next morning, after Hisao rejects Misha's advances, he realizes that Misha's situation hit him harder than he thought. Feeling depressed, he skips class and hides in the library. Shizune finds him, and confronts him, remarking that she hasn't seen Misha all day either. The conversation eventually leads to the fact she's noticed Hisao's distress, and she asks him if he's all right. When he asks the same question of Shizune, she doesn't give a complete answer, and leaves. Hisao heads up to the roof, where he finds Misha sitting alone, depressed. It is now that she tells Hisao the truth: she has feelings for Shizune as well. She admits that she didn't initially want to come to Yamaku High, and she got dragged into the Student Council by Shizune just like Hisao. Shizune pushed her so hard to succeed, motivating her to get better at sign language and work hard in Student Council, that she eventually fell in love with her. She confessed her feelings to Shizune, and got rejected, and what bothers her most is that Shizune treated this event like she does with everything else: wiping it away, and moving on, as though it never happened. Misha's bitterness festered for 2 years, before Hisao showed up and began immediately growing just as close to Shizune as Misha had always wanted to be. All this time, Misha has been drifting away, eaten alive by her jealousy, angry at herself for being a hateful person. She is now having suicidal thoughts, and leans against the fence on the roof, as if she hopes to fall through it. Hisao pulls her back, and opens up, explaining his time at the hospital, and noting that Shizune doesn't let people in close unless it's on her terms. He knows she probably only got so close to Hisao because he rejected her so adamantly. She is always trying to pull people in close, and his determination not to let her in drove her to push harder. Hisao tells Misha that he admires her for having struggled the same way he had, all for the same reasons, and he is sad and angry that she is giving up. Shizune finds Hisao and Misha alone, and, sensing the tension in the air, proposes that they do something fun together in the Student Council room. Hisao remarks that it sounds like another trap to do more work, and Misha laughs. The tension subsides, and they leave together hand-in-hand.

The next day, Hisao thinks back to something Misha said, about not wanting to miss people and grow apart anymore, and he realizes that they will be graduating soon. Misha's fear of losing Shizune for good might actually be justified, and Shizune has been treating her feelings with the same coldness that she afford to everything, which is making things worse. Hisao also starts to worry about losing everyone else he's met in his short time there, and he talks to Yuuko for advice. Once done, he finds Shizune alone. She noticed what he and Misha were talking about yesterday, and once she got Misha alone and made her talk, she feels as though everything is all her fault - she tries too hard to bring people close, then pushes them away. She realizes Misha is right, that the Student Council being empty is also her fault, and that she has shut Misha out just like everybody else. She is at a loss for what to do, and thinks herself a bad friend for being the way she is. She vows to fix things, starting with Misha, starting the next morning, and Hisao offers to help.

Shizune wakes Hisao the next morning and proposes a picnic, hoping they could eat together as a group again, but when Misha refuses to cooperate, Shizune becomes increasingly aggressive, and Misha leaves. Not wanting their food to go to waste, Shizune and Hisao go on a date with it, and the conversation leads to Shizune discussing her failure as a friend. Hisao reminisces about how Shizune tried to hard to pull him out of his rut, and succeeded, but wonders if Misha is rejecting that same help because she knows she will never have Shizune's hand. He ends up saying nothing, and Shizune falls asleep, having stayed up all night working on her picnic. The next day, Shizune's father shows up at her school to bring her a new phone and take her on a family trip, but she refuses, still worried about Misha. It is now that Hisao realizes the crucial flaw in Shizune's approach: she sees Misha's depression as a personal failure to correct, not a difficult time in Misha's life. She wants and expects things to go back to normal so quickly that she isn't taking the time to relate, and it is driving them further apart.

The next day, Shizune and Hisao split up to look for her, and once he finds her, he takes her to lunch with him at the Shanghai to talk. There, Misha admits that even though she didn't want to hate or upset Shizune, she has done both. Hisao tells her that even though Shizune is terrible at discussing her feelings, she still needs Misha, but Misha is afraid of making things worse, so she chooses to do nothing. Hisao berates Misha for giving up so easily, and he takes Misha on a tour of the school, discussing how he felt when he first got there, how Misha and Shizune turned his life around, and how he now regrets leaving all his old friends behind on such a sour note, encouraging Misha not to repeat his mistake. The next day, Hisao and Shizune eat together on the roof, where Shizune reveals that thanks to Hisao, Misha has cheered up. She credits Hisao for making it possible, and blames herself for her flawed way of thinking, but she is glad that everything worked out, and vows to improve herself.

After delivering orientation speeches to the new Student Council, the group hangs out, reflecting on how much they will miss being in the Student Council once they're gone, and Misha leaves, opting not to have a celebratory dinner with the others for fear of saying any early goodbyes. Shizune and Hisao then have sex in the student council room. Afterwards, Hisao and Shizune sneak to the other end of the school to spy on Misha. On realizing Misha was taking supplemental lessons with Mutou, Shizune realizes that Misha has had more direction than she's had all this time. She had always wanted to connect with people, but the only way she could speak was through Misha, and she gave up on it. She started to see Misha as just an extension of herself that could speak, and failed to realize that Misha was the friendship she had wanted all along. She feels guilty that Misha sees her as an inspiration, as she has no goals for the future, and was only a leader because the job was forced upon her. She loved having more responsibility, but she realizes that being a leader is more than just about giving orders, it's about setting a goal, something she failed to do. Having no direction, she tried to do everything at once, and it harmed everyone she touched.

Shizune decides she wants to become a millionaire and later a philanthropist. Misha says vaguely how her plans are overseas, and never explains where she is going or what she will be doing. Hisao, worried that he doesn't have his own plans, realizes he is finally at peace. He sets his heart on being a teacher at the school, hoping to give direction and advice to someone like him, to bring inspiration to a bitter person that needs encouragement and hope.

On the last day of school, Hisao finally realizes he should have told Shizune he loved her and goes looking for her. He instead finds Misha, and they team up to find her at the front gate. Yuuko is outside taking pictures of people, but this conveniently allows Hisao, Misha, and Shizune a chance to pose for a student council photo.

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