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Out Cold

← None Life Expectancy →
Number of scenes: 2
Number of choices: 0

Synopsis Edit

Having received a secret message, Hisao secretly meets its sender, Iwanako in a wintry forest. After exchanging pleasantries, Iwanako asks Hisao out, to which he responds by nearly dying in a fateful heart attack. Spending nearly 4 months recuperating later in hospital, Hisao mulls over the change in his life so far, his diagnosis of arrhythmia, surgery and how Iwanako never spoke of that day again and that she eventually stopped visiting. He feels detached from the world and has taken to reading as a means of solace. He is interrupted by the announcement of a greater change: his parents suggest that he attend Yamaku Academy so that his heart condition can be best cared for, an idea he is deeply cynical about, considering it a step down. He eventually rationalises that a fresh start may not be such a bad thing however.

Characters introduced Edit

  • Hisao
  • Iwanako (sole appearance in person)
  • Hisao's parents (only appearance)
  • Doctor (only appearance)

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