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Music Cover

The cover art for the Katawa Shoujo Enigmatic Box of Sound

Katawa Shoujo offers a large amount of in-game music to give the players an added enjoyment to their gaming experience. The game offers a total of 46 tracks that all play at multiple points throughout the course of the game. The full soundtrack (given the name "Katawa Shoujo Enigmatic Box of Sound") can be downloaded here, offered for free by Four Leaf Studios.

Track ListEdit

  1. Lullaby of Open Eyes
  2. Cold Iron
  3. Damage - the song played over the opening video
  4. Caged Heart
  5. Fripperies - Mutou's theme
  6. School Days
  7. The Student Council - Shizune's theme
  8. Ease
  9. Daylight
  10. Ah Eh I Oh You - The Nurse's theme
  11. Stride
  12. Out of the Loop - Kenji's theme
  13. Nocturne
  14. Raindrops and Puddles
  15. Generic Happy Music
  16. Hokabi
  17. Concord - Lilly's theme
  18. Everyday Fantasy
  19. High Tension
  20. Standing Tall - Emi's theme
  21. Passing of Time - the song played during most scene transitions
  22. Romance in Andante - the song played over the closing credits when a good ending is obtained
  23. Wiosna - the song played when on the title screen
  24. Parity - Rin's theme
  25. Afternoon
  26. Air Guitar
  27. Painful History - Hanako's theme
  28. Aria de l'Etoile
  29. To Become One
  30. Cloudland Swing - the song played before Rin's Act 2
  31. Three Stars - the song played before Shizune's Act 2
  32. Teatime, Fast Forward - the song played before Lilly's Act 2
  33. 2x400m Relay - the song played before Emi's Act 2
  34. Jitter - the song played before Hanako's Act 2
  35. Innocence
  36. Red Velvet
  37. Sarabande from BWV1010, Musicbox
  38. Moment of Decision
  39. Breathlessly
  40. Comfort
  41. Friendship
  42. Shadow of the Truth
  43. Letting My Heart Speak
  44. Romance in Andante II
  45. Spin - the song played when the game loads
  46. Focus - does not appear in game, used as trailer music for Katawa Shoujo

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