Emi's fathers gravestone

Mr. Ibarazaki's Gravestone

Mr. Ibarazaki is Emi's late father and Meiko's late husband.


Mr. Ibarazaki was the one who teaches Emi to run and invites her to run with him during his morning running exercises.One fateful day Mr. Ibarazaki and Emi were on a car until they were accidentally crashed resulting his death.


Emi having a nightmare

Emi having ightmares about the accident

Emi survives the crash but she lost not only just her legs but her father as well.A Doctor saves her from the crash and starts helping her to be able to walk again in her new found prosthetic legs,she visits her father's grave but didn't attended the memorial service duo to her being still in the hospital.Emi attended in Yamaku Academy via one year older than the rest of her schoolmates,she joins the Track team.

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