Kenji SetouEdit


Kenji Setou is Hisao's hallmate and semi-friend at Yamaku Academy. Paranoid to the extreme, Kenji often rambles about a "feminist conspiracy" he believes is taking place in the school, and possibly all of Japan. He trusts no one other than himself, and is always prepared for the worst, even if the worst is irrational.

Yuuko ShirkawaEdit


Yuuko Shirakawa is one of the librarians at Yamaku Academy.  Her duties include stocking the library, including with foreign texts and those in an alternative format (such as Braille). She also works part-time at a popular tea rooms in town called the Shanghai, so as to fund her university studies in European history.

Emi IbarazakiEdit

Char emi

Emi Ibarazaki, despite having legs amputated below the knee, is perhaps one of the most cheerful, happy-go-lucky girls in Yamaku, if not in the entire world. An avid runner, Emi views her leglessness with reckless abandon, exploiting her condition to its fullest in order to be the best of the best at track. As comes with such determination, Emi is exceptionally stubborn, often pushing herself (not to mention Hisao) too hard, resulting in more than the occasional trip to the Nurse, with whom she remains on good terms.

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