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Iwanako (岩魚子, Iwanako) was a classmate of Hisao's at the school he attended before transferring to Yamaku Academy. Not much is known about her, as she only appears once in the game.

In the opening scene, Iwanako confesses her love to Hisao in the middle of a forest during winter. As she's asking Hisao to go out with her, he notices a strange pounding in his chest. Following this, he has the heart attack that sent him to Yamaku.

While in the hospital, Iwanako visits Hisao every day for a month and a half. She is noted by Hisao's internal monologue to be the "last one to stop visiting" among his friends. Even when she was there, however, they barely spoke to one another.

Later in the game, no matter what route is taken, Hisao receives a letter from Iwanako. The letter is fairly basic, describing the school they once attended together and the changes that have come about in the new term. At the end of the letter, however, she states that it is probably "for the best" if the two of them never see each other again, but also states that, if he wants, he can write back to her. Whether or not Hisao writes back and what he does with the letter after reading it varies by route.

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