NARRATOR: "We slowly walk back to the house, holding each other tightly as we take a seat inside. Lilly leans her head onto my shoulder as I put my arm around her waist. Neither of us has any want to break the silence. With her eyes shut it's hard to work out whether she's fallen asleep. Not that I mind: the warmth of her body leaning against me, the softness of her hand delicately held in mine... For a long, long time we sit leaning against one another, sharing our warmth and feelings as night eventually begins to settle in. Lilly's gentle, soft voice ends the silence."

LILLY: "Thank you, Hisao."

HISAO: "Thank you?"

LILLY: "For returning my feelings."

HISAO: "Did you think I wouldn't?"

LILLY: "There was the possibility."

NARRATOR: "I take a deep breath in thought. That much was only my fault."

HISAO: "It's funny, actually. I was thinking of telling you about my own feelings sometime soon. I guess, in that way, you saved me the effort."

NARRATOR: "She raises her head a little and gives a tiny, amused giggle. I smile at how earnest it is, so girlish in its lightness. She collects herself soon afterward, her hair resting against my shoulder."

HISAO: "Feeling a bit better?"

NARRATOR: "She gives a small nod."

LILLY: "You are thoughtful, Hisao. That's why I like you."

HISAO: "I'm sorry I'm like this. As much as I didn't want to make you concerned for me, I couldn't do anything to prevent it."

LILLY: "Don't apologize for it. Please don't."

HISAO: "Lilly?"

LILLY: "Have I ever apologized for my blindness, even once? You can't help the way you were born, Hisao. There's no point in apologizing for who you are."

NARRATOR: "She says this with surprising conviction. In the end, it was perhaps this mentality which spurred her to befriend me in such a short time, in addition to her motherly instincts. She did seem to become trusting very quickly, but I'd never questioned why. Now it seems obvious that she did so to help me as I went through one of the lowest points of my life. I move to respond, but cut myself off as I feel her fingers run gently through my hair. I feel their soft and delicate touch moving downwards to trace the contours of my face, her palm finally settling on my cheek."

LILLY: "You are a beautiful person, Hisao. Please, don't ever apologize for that."

NARRATOR: "For a moment, I'm utterly speechless. I slowly bend my head down, placing a tender kiss on her light, voluminous hair."

HISAO: "We're a couple of right old fools, aren't we?"

LILLY: "...We are."

NARRATOR: "After a long calm, she speaks again."

LILLY: "Hisao?"

HISAO: "Yes?"

LILLY: "I... I wouldn't mind if you..."

NARRATOR: "I feel her hand tensing under mine, trembling slightly. My mouth opens, but try as I might I can't formulate a response to her proposition."

HISAO: "Lilly..."

NARRATOR: "Before I can say another word, she slips her hand from under mine and tenderly holds the side of my face once more."

LILLY: "Please."

NARRATOR: "I give a peaceful smile, holding her hand against my cheek as I nod a single time."

HISAO: "Okay."

NARRATOR: "As I look into her eyes, she leans towards me. Her delicate lips touch mine as she guides herself with her hand. She breaks off not a second later, faintly smiling."

LILLY: "I love you, Hisao."

NARRATOR: "We kiss again, this time with both of us meeting the other. While the previous kiss was one of love, this is one of lust, our tongues meeting and our breathing heavy. After precious seconds we part, both our faces well and truly flushed. Both of us bring our fingers to our lips in unison, recalling that fleeting feeling, rapidly becoming buried both by our urges and bashfulness. Lilly is the first to shift uncomfortably, though."

HISAO: "What is it?"

LILLY: "Should we... get more comfortable?"

HISAO: "Hmm? Ah, o-okay..."

NARRATOR: "Now that she mentions it, this futon would be a bit too narrow to do much on. Considering the thoughts running through both our minds, it's no small wonder one of us has any measure of foresight left. I take her hands and guide her sideways as I move, the brief and awkward dance ending with both of us tentatively sitting on the floor opposite each other. As I reach forward to pull her top up, she stops after she moves her hands to do the same."

LILLY: "You're shaking..."

NARRATOR: "I pause for a moment and look at my hands. Sure enough, they're quivering slightly. Whether it's from nervousness or excitement, I'm not sure."

HISAO: "Uh... I guess I am."

LILLY: "So you're as nervous as I am, then?"

NARRATOR: "I withdraw my hands and sigh, steadying myself. We have plenty of time, so there's no need to rush this."

HISAO: "Sorry. It's my first time, so I'm a bit..."

NARRATOR: "She giggles shakily, all but confirming what I reasonably deduced by now."

LILLY: "It's the same for me. I'm happy... we could share this together."

NARRATOR: "I match her smile twofold, leaning forward and taking her body in my arms as she reaches to hug me back."

HISAO: "I love you, Lilly."

LILLY: "You already said that."

NARRATOR: "I can't help grinning. Even in such a situation, she still has her wits about her. Breaking our embrace, we decide to take off our own clothing. While it's easier this way, I don't doubt it's just an attempt to distract ourselves from our nerves. With slightly stiff hands, I begin to slide the first button out from my shirt. Once we remove the last of our clothes, which end up haphazardly piled behind us, my breath is taken by the sight in front of me."

Adult Content Scene

NARRATOR: "Her long, shapely legs, full hips and her breasts, plump but dainty... her slightly blushing face, delicate and reserved, is framed by the bangs of her hair. Her hands, tightly held behind her, only serve to further accentuate her chest. Her tall and pale body is beautiful when bared. This girl in front of me, reserved yet playful, astute yet hospitable, is the girl I've fallen in love with. I lean forward, delicately taking her shoulders in my hands. As I do, she brings her hands to my chest. With a slightly uneven breath, we lean into a deep kiss. I feel one of Lilly's hands slowly slide up to my shoulder, it and her head very gently moving forwards. Assuming her intent, I lean back onto the floor."

HISAO: "Ah..."

NARRATOR: "She lowers herself beside me, one hand stroking my hair as the other moves across my chest. The feeling of her breast against it is enough to excite me. This must be her way of taking in what I've already seen of her; despite her lack of sight, she engraves every detail of my bare body and chest into her mind. When her middle finger falls into the slight recess of my chest scar, a lingering effect of my operation so many months ago, she slowly runs her hand down its length."

LILLY: "This is..."

HISAO: "The scar, from my surgery. They had to do this in order to operate on my heart."

NARRATOR: "For a moment she's lost for words, the idea of such extensive scarring adding a new worry for her. Her expression changes from curiosity to apprehension."

LILLY: "Should we... really be doing this kind of thing...?"

NARRATOR: "Those words bother me beyond what is rational. Lilly's face breaks my heart more than even her words possibly could, yet I don't even know the answer to her question."

NARRATOR: "I can't let this condition dominate me forever. It may not even be medically advisable, but I outright refuse to live my life in such a prison."

HISAO: "It's okay, Lilly. This much will be okay."

NARRATOR: "Her troubled expression holds for a moment longer, but she eventually acquiesces, her hand moving to my lower chest and then my thigh. With a look of slight surprise, she slowly moves her hands downwards, her breath catching as she brushes the side of my lower hair. She tentatively moves her hand sideways, delicately touching the most honest part of my body."

LILLY: "Th... this is..."

HISAO: "Y-yeah."

NARRATOR: "Our nervousness peaks as the act begins, her hand gently patting up and down as lightly as if it would break if breathed upon. I'm not sure whether it's just to steady myself or because I want to steady her, but I take my free hand and hold the side of her face in it. The feeling of her hair and soft skin is nice, and it seems to lighten her mood a bit. The mere fact that I'm being touched by her is surprisingly erotic. I feel my body relaxing as I submit to the pleasure overwhelming me. Long minutes pass in almost total silence, our heavy breathing the only sound to be heard in the house. Lilly's fingers stop affectionately stroking my hair and she opens her lips once again."

LILLY: "Hisao..."

NARRATOR: "I wait a second for the rest of the sentence, but none is forthcoming. She may be trying to take the lead, but she's still incredibly nervous. I can't help smiling as I stroke her hair from her face a couple of times, reassuring her. As nervous as she may be, I'm thankful that Lilly's taking the lead. I'd probably be just as anxious as she if I were attending to her."

HISAO: "Okay."

NARRATOR: "She pauses a moment before giving a small nod, sitting up and shifting her legs over mine. Once again my breath is stolen by the magnificent sight of her body over mine. I can only look on frozen as she delicately lowers herself, resting her reddened lips over me. She slowly begins to move her hips downwards, her softness enveloping my consciousness. She takes a deep breath to collect herself, her face remaining steady. With her hands taking in my body in lieu of sight, the intimate situation muddles her usual efforts to compensate for lack of eye contact."

NARRATOR: "She gradually lowers herself onto me, her knees and hands supporting her as she does. Her entire body tenses as I enter, her expression obviously one of stifled pain. Despite that, I can't help savoring the soft, warm feeling enveloping my consciousness, the surge of pleasure overcoming all my senses. The last vestiges of it all but disappear inside her while her nails slightly scrape into my chest in an effort to stop herself from yelping in pain. A pained moan, too much for her to suppress completely, escapes from her lips. As I open my mouth to comfort her, I see the barely visible red drops from between her legs."

HISAO: "Lilly, if it's too much..."

NARRATOR: "She clenches her mouth tightly, quickly and forcefully shaking her head from side to side in defiance. After a couple of seconds she relaxes her body slightly, though she's still obviously far from being comfortable."

LILLY: "I... it's okay... I'm okay."

NARRATOR: "She swallows hard, trying to collect herself. Lifting herself slowly and bringing herself back down, she relaxes a little more as the feelings of pleasure begin to overtake those of pain. Her breathing starts to match the same ragged patterns as mine, her body moving almost teasingly slowly. She looks as if she's slowly beginning to enjoy the act, my feelings finally reaching her. I'm not sure if she's keeping herself at this speed for her sake or for mine, but either way... with this slow and steady pace, I think I can... keep my body in check. It's funny, in a way, that even now I'm depending on her. For us to be joined together like this, our feelings so close... it makes me glad. To be sharing our first moment together like this... is an almost... overwhelming... feeling..."

HISAO: "I love you... Lilly..."

LILLY: "Hisao... Hisao...!"

NARRATOR: "I can feel her body tensing, her breathing and movements becoming steadily less carefully controlled. I'm happy to be making her feel so good, but as my thoughts become increasingly focused, I can feel myself rapidly nearing my limit. Control of my body is instantaneously wrested from my mind as I grit my teeth hard, a loud moan escaping as I climax and my hips hit hers. Her body hunches over at the same moment, her breasts touching on my chest. We stay locked in all-encompassing ecstasy for a brief moment, my mind completely taken by the feeling for a precious few seconds."

NARRATOR: "It ends all too soon and our bodies collapse in exhaustion with Lilly barely staying on top of me. I lifelessly manage to wrap my arms around her limp, sweating body, and for minutes we simply lay there, silently savoring the contact with each other while we recover from the experience. Neither of us had thought ourselves prepared for such a thing, of that much I'm certain. Entirely drained, far past the point of conversation, I look at her tired face. It looks as if the exertion, both physical and mental, has almost forced her to the verge of collapse."

HISAO: "I love you, Lilly."

NARRATOR: "She nods weakly, rubbing my hair with her left hand. If we could simply remain together like this for an eternity, it would be a paradise like no other."

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