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Aoi is a student at Yamaku, and one of the successors to the school's Student Council after Shizune and Misha graduate.


At the end of Shizune's route, Aoi and her friend Keiko are seen in the Yamaku Student Council room, being given a rundown by a Misha-translated Shizune of how to run the Council after they and Hisao have graduated.

Katawa Shoujo BetaEdit

Aoi appears only once in the beta version of Katawa Shoujo, during Hanako's True Ending. In this appearance, she is blind. She and Miki come looking for Hisao at classroom 3-3. Aoi asks Hisao if he can deliver a gift to Lilly, who is currently hospitalized, from her classmates.

Miki reveals that she and Aoi had a bet that Hisao and Lilly would end up dating, which Miki won.

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