After confessing her feelings towards Shizune to Hisao, Misha makes a point to keep distant from the couple. Shizune takes Hisao on a picnic, but can't stop thinking about Misha. Her younger brother, Hideaki, and father, Jigoro, visit Shizune at school to tell her they are going on a trip, which is certainly unusual given their confrontational relationship. Shizune declines, given that she hasn't finished Student Council elections, nor has she cheered Misha up. Hisao realizes Shizune's actions haven't indicated anything that she's concerned with how Misha feels. Hisao comes up with a plan. He takes Misha to the Shanghai for a parfait, then takes her on a tour of the school grounds -- much like Shizune and Misha did on his first day -- while confronting her about her feelings. Misha sees that she's pushing her friend away.

If Hisao did not sleep with Misha, Shizune and Hisao make love again in the Student Council room. Later that night, they sneak though the school building and discover that Misha taking supplementary classes with Mutou. When Shizune realizes that her translator has passion for something, she admits to herself that she's been taking Misha for granted. She tells Hisao of her own goals of becoming a businesswoman and philanthropist. Hisao realizes he has no goals of his own past high school. As graduation ceremonies abound, Hisao says goodbye to people he's known. He, Shizune, and Misha gather for a picture in front of the gates and promise to reunite again sometime in the future.

If Hisao slept with Misha, Shizune acts incredibly aloof toward both Hisao and Misha. Lilly and Kenji try to give him some advice, but Hisao can't help feel regret for every decision he's made since Misha. Eventually, Shizune comes to his dorm one morning. She admits that she feels like a failure for putting her desire to "beat" everyone else before her relationships. She's realized she needs to spend some time away from people. And that includes Hisao. Implying she knows what transpired between him and Misha, she leaves.



  1. Grand Strategy
  2. Off by One
  3. Invasion
  4. Parfait
  5. The Summit
  6. Succession[1]
  7. Sneaking Mission
  8. Infinity[2]
  9. Present Tense
  10. Spiral
  11. Terminal[3]


  1. H-scene
  2. Good ending
  3. Bad ending