Act 4 - Motion is the final act of Emi's route.

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Hisao manages to apologize to Emi, saying that he won't stop trying to help her, not even if they break up (which Emi half-heartedly attempts to do) because he cares about her too much. Emi begins to cry and asks why he's trying so hard to help. Hisao says "because I love you." That seems to get through to Emi, as she finally breaks down in Hisao's arms. She asks him to come back to her house tomorrow, so she has time to "do this properly" and think about what she needs to say.

The next day, Hisao and Emi take the bus to her mother's, but all she'll say is they are going to meet her Dad today. They eat lunch and then drive somewhere. They stop at a graveyard where Meiko stays behind and Emi leads him further in. Hisao contemplates his mortality among these gravestones until they stop at one in particular. Emi starts confessing things about herself -- that she doesn't like pink, that she's not as popular as everyone thinks -- and that the accident that took her legs also killed her dad. And as a result, she resolved to stop worrying about the future, because there's nothing you can do about it. Until she met Hisao, who she couldn't keep at a distance anymore. Now she realizes if she is going to live in the moment, she doesn't have to do it alone.

When they return to the dorm, before they separate, Emi grabs Hisao. She asks him not to leave. Hisao doesn't care what context she's talking about, he says "of course". The two make love and fall asleep together. In the morning, Hisao thinks about how close they are now. That no matter what happens, as long as Emi's around, he'll be okay.

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