Act 2: Hide and Seek is the second act on Hanako's route. Although there is one choice, it does not affect the outcome of the game.


After Hisao accompanies Hanako into town to pick up some food, certain students notice Hisao spending more time with the usually alone Hanako, including Lilly. She invites him to a night tea party with herself and Hanako. Although few words are exchanged, Hisao treats Hanako as if he didn't notice her disfigurement, because it's how he thinks the people at this school would want to be treated. It's clear Lilly is encouraging time together with Hisao and Hanako, and Hanako is becoming more open up Hisao, little by little.

Hanako spontaneously leaves class one day and Hisao finally asks Lilly why. Lilly says it's not her place to say, but she leaves as a "preemptive strike" before she has to answer anyone about her scars. Hisao finds Hanako in the library and they spend time reading. Hanako blurts out that when she was young, she was in a house fire, and then "she was alone." This confession is because Lilly told her about Hisao's heart condition. Hisao adds that it was because a girl confessed her love to him. With both having given up a little of their secrets, they go back to class.



  1. To Town, To Town
  2. Tea Leaves[1]
  3. Chess and Slides
  4. Office Confessional
  5. Rise and Shine
  6. Mad Hatter
  7. Small Change
  8. Absenteeism
  9. Equivalent Exchange


  1. Contains a decision that does not fork the route or influence the ending.