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Life Expectancy


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Following Acts:  
Number of scenes: 49
Number of choices: 9 to 11

Synopsis Edit

On his arrival at Yamaku, Hisao is immediately greeted by his new homeroom teacher, Mutou, and taken to his class, where he meets Shizune and Misha, who provide him with a bouncy and lively introduction to the school. On a more serious note, Hisao also makes a routine visit to the Nurse. Returning to his room, Hisao encounters his hikikomori hallmate, Kenji, for the first time.

At the end of the following day, after losing a game of Risk to Shizune, Hisao attempts to find the library, instead wandering into Lilly's tea room. Following the pleasant evening of conversation, she guides him there, where Hisao stumbles upon and startles Hanako, while Lilly talks to Yuuko.

Hisao spends the next time either reading, with Shizune and Misha or with Hanako and Lilly. In any case, as he leaves the classroom, Emi makes a rather dramatic and hurried appearance before scurrying off. Later in the day, while helping Misha find craft supplies, Hisao enters the art room to find Rin enjoying a late lunch.

After talking with Rin, Shizune and Misha show up to talk to Hisao, and then leave. Hisao then offers to help Rin with whatever it is she's doing for the festival, so she enlists him to help carry a paint can down to her mural. On the way to the mural, Hisao runs into the Nurse, who talks to him about his medications and exercise. After the Nurse takes his leave, Hisao does what he can to help Rin with her mural.

The next day, Hisao goes to the track to jog and finds Emi. After running two laps, Hisao gives up and goes back to his dorm building to shower. In the bathroom, he runs into Kenji again, who bugs him for 400 yen. Hisao spots him the money and then goes to class.

In class, Lilly stops by and talks to Shizune and Misha about the budget reports for the festival. This results in an argument between the two class representatives. After the argument resolves, Shizune scolds Hisao for "slacking off." Hisao tries to either claim he shouldn't be put into this position because he's new to Yamaku, or tells Shizune that she's being too hard on both him and Lilly.

Characters introduced Edit

Notes Edit

  1. Only if Hisao hangs out with Rin
  2. Only if Hisao heads into town and finds Lilly. If Hisao goes into the library to hang out with Hanako instead, Akira will show up in Acts 2 and 3.

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