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Above and Beyond
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She quiets down a little and asks again a little more solemnly.

Misha "Hicchan, what do you say?"

Misha "You don't exactly hate this, right?"

I'm more than a little surprised by this sudden change of tone. I don't really know how to react to it.

For one thing, she isn't shouting uproariously with no regard for tact.

Before, I'm sure she knew already that I was going to say no.

This time, she seems actually serious.

Misha "I think maybe you should join. Not just because we could use your help, but, well, you're hanging out with us anyway."

Misha "I think Shicchan would like it if you would join as well. It's not like you hate us or anything, right?"

Misha "It wouldn't hurt if you joined. And I'd appreciate it if you would."

She seems to be having a hard time getting her words out, which is strange for someone talkative like Misha.

For some reason, I'm almost troubled by it.

My eyes drift over to Shizune, who stares back at me tentatively, absentmindedly cleaning her fingernails.

Misha "If you don't want to join, I promise we won't ask again, but if you did, we would be really happy."

Both Shizune and Misha seem to be unable to look me in the eye.

I can't lie, the thought of being around two such cute girls is something that I couldn't possibly pass up.

I'm not looking forward to this kind of work every day, but there should be less after the festival.

At least I hope so.

Hisao "All right. I guess it can't hurt, so, why not?"

Shizune "..."

Misha "Wonderful. Wonderful! Ahahaha~!"

Shizune tents her fingers in satisfaction.

Shizune "..."

Misha "She'll fill everything out, Hicchan. Congratulations, you are officially a member of the Student Council now!"

Hisao "Great. I'm not looking forward to a lot of work."

Hisao "To be honest, I've never done any student council activities before."

Hisao "But maybe it'll be a positive experience?"

Misha starts to clap, laughing exuberantly as she does.

Misha "Congratulations, Hicchan!"

Shizune "..."

Misha "Congratulations!"

Shizune "..."

Misha "Congratulations!"

Shizune "..."

Misha "Congratulations!"

Hisao "I get the message."

I can't help but smile, finding such a display childishly cute.

Misha "The Student Council is always busy, you know! But for day, we're done. See you tomorrow, Hicchan!"

Misha "We still have work left, so we'll be counting on you!"

I leave the room, feeling totally wiped out. The grounds are totally deserted, and the school looks pretty ominous this late. The council office is the only window with lights on any more.

Is this what the Student Council will be like? My body might not be able to take it.

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